It’s no secret that the price of Bitcoin had a phenomenal increase this year and it now stands between $50.000 and $60.000. According to most experts and crypto enthusiasts, this is only the beginning for the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. However, people may ask, if things are going so well, why would I want to invest in any other crypto? Well, there are times when altcoins (meaning alternative options to Bitcoin) are more profitable. For example, the BTC price doesn’t always increase and we have witnessed it decreasing numerous times throughout the months. So, when this happens, altcoins might be the solution. Here are some nice alternatives in case you are bored of BTC or want to make money even when the most popular crypto ever is not doing so great.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash started as an alternative for Bitcoin, derived from the BTC blockchain technology but with a much larger block size. This change was inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto itself, the creator of Bitcoin before he vanished back in 2011. However, the opinions are split when it comes to this incredibly large block size as some see it as both a blessing and a curse. Still, in case you are thinking of investing in something else other than Bitcoin, then Bitcoin Cash is the closest alternative, even if it still has some issues.


Litecoin is probably the most famous BTC alternative and was actually created as a fork of it. Litecoin is so popular because it has a lot of important improvements like a bigger block reward and a larger cap on coins, making some think that it may be even better than Bitcoin. Recently, its scaling and privacy measures have been improved, making it worth trying in case you are bored of the classic Bitcoin.


If those aforementioned cryptocurrencies were alternatives derived from Bitcoin, Ethereum is its real rival, as some may call it. As the second most popular crypto in the world, Ethereum is completely different because it uses smart contracts and DeFi, among other things. This year, the crypto is planning to move to the proof-of-stake technology, which could drastically increase its price and make it a stronger opponent for Bitcoin.

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