Crypto trading has been a matter of interest to quite a large number of people for a couple of years. However, there are still thousands of individuals out there who really don’t have a good idea about this topic. In this short guide, we’ll quickly clarify the fundamentals of crypto trading.

First of all, everybody should realize that cryptocurrency trading is not as complicated as it might look. The key concept is for people to exchange one cryptocurrency for another with the expectation that the price would rise. If you’re acquainted with the stock market, the concept is very familiar. Here are all the other essential aspects that you need to know about crypto trading.

Picking an exchange

You can buy and sell crypto only via a crypto exchange that you are free to pick at any given time. These days, with the growing popularity of crypto, there are several such exchanges out there to choose from. Always go for regulated and reliable exchanges so you can keep your cash safe.

How to begin a crypto trading career

To begin trading crypto on the right foot, you need an account after selecting an exchange. By filling in certain personal information, you will usually have access to your chosen account that matches your level of knowledge and objectives. Most exchanges provide you with a digital wallet you need to finance before you start trading. You can do it simply by using your card or even crypto.

You may then select short-term trading or long-term trading. The first option allows you to buy the cryptocurrency and hang on to it for a brief period of time, from minutes to months. This is the perfect starting point according to professionals because it minimizes threats. As far as long-term investing is concerned, it means that you should “Hold on for Dear Life” (or HODL) and keep cryptocurrency for at least a year before selling it.

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