Arpa chain, with its subsequent token, called Arpa crypto, is a layer 2 solution built on blockchain technology. Its purpose is a privacy-preserving computation that is possible through the cryptographic Multi-Party Computation or MPC. The main goal of the Arpa chain is to decouple data usefulness from ownership and facilitate information rental.

Arpa’s MPC protocol enables many organizations to analyze data jointly and extract synergies while keeping each party’s received data private and safe. Arpa enables the hidden communication of private data, and the accuracy of computation is verified through the use of the information-theoretic Message Authentication Code. In this article, we will discover more about what Arpa chain and Arpa crypto actually are. Here we go!

arpa crypto

How can Arpa chain and Arpa crypto be used?

Arpa crypto may be used for a variety of purposes, including computation cost, information, and model usage cost, security deposit, community governance, etc.  The ARPA cryptocurrency is being supported by the Ethereum network. Developers can create privacy-preserving dApps on Arpa-compliant blockchains. Credit anti-fraud, highly secure wallets, precise marketing, cooperative AI model training, and key management systems are some current application cases.


Banks utilizing the Arpa chain, for instance, can exchange their credit blacklist with one another. They can do this for financial reporting purposes and risk management without revealing their customers’ data. At the moment of writing, the price of the Arpa crypto is $0.051558, with a market cap of $50,871,891.

What is the Arpa strategy?

ARPA’s primary focus will be on company growth and community development throughout Europe and the Asian continent. As the initiative grows in popularity, the focus of community expansion will progressively shift to other markets.

Here are some of Arpa’s current community expansion strategies:

Arpa’s future community-building initiatives following the deployment of the Mainnet entail:

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