Paying too much attention to the winning percentages when trading and investing is not the way to go, regardless of what many people claim. In fact, your winning percentage, taken on its own, is completely useless. It does not define your success because you can still lose a lot of money with a 70 winning percentage and make money with a 30% one.

The risk to reward ratio is the most important factor in this situation and more people need to grasp a better understanding of it. Being right multiple times and winning has nothing to do with being a successful trader and investor. This is what many people need to understand if they want a better career.

Winning percentages are irrelevant

A large number of professional traders and investors have realized that the winning percentage has nothing in common with their profitability. Unfortunately, most new traders only worry about this percentage which is a sad reality and one that’s present way too often. What they are doing not only negatively affects their success rate but also alters their trading psychology and their next moves.

Being successful with a small winning rate

For example, it’s perfectly possible to make money with only a 30 winning percentage. The trick here is to know how to manage losses in comparison with your wins. Even if you lose something but can make back twice of what you lost, you’re successful. It’s also worth noting that lower winning percentages are more stable and rewarding in the long run. You need to learn how to make the most out of each small win and, in time, this will make your efforts a lot more profitable.

You also need to contain your losses and make the absolute most out of your wins. If not, you can be unsuccessful even with an over 70% winning rate. In order to make money with a relatively small winning rate, you need to consider the average risk to reward ratio. This is probably the most important money management skill that you should have.

You also need to maintain your risk steady and follow your trading plan no matter what. In order to do that, you need position sizing. Finally, your supply and demand strategy should be top-notch. It shouldn’t leave room for guessing games. You need to know for sure what to look for and to only enter trades when you’re 100% sure of what you’re doing.

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